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            India’s New Energy Edge - World’s lowest-cost in third-

            largest market

            India is the lowest-cost producer of PV modules (8% below even China) given locally abundant

            ingredients: sand and engineering skills. Notably, India is already the third-largest silicon (from
            sand) producer, which is the second-most abundant element (26% of earth’s crust versus 0.002%
            for lithium). India itself is the third-largest market for PV modules and the lowest-cost. Similar to the
            Middle East, India sits in a low-cost geographic zone (sun) for green H2 generation. Its upcoming
            Giga factories along with their unmatched integration shall transform economics.

                                  What is New Energy?

                                  We refer to New Energy as the process of renewable energy (RE, primarily solar) generation,
                                  including green hydrogen (H2). It encapsulates the entire ecosystem from photovoltaic
      Rollout of New Energy       (PV) solar module manufacturing, RE generation, battery storage, electrolysers (for green
      shall have diverse sector   H2  generation),  and  fuel  cell  manufacturing  used  in  Fuel  Cell  Electric Vehicles  (FCEVs),
      implications ranging        along with EPC solutions and low-cost green bond funding.
      from re-rating and
      growth acceleration to      tank CEEW-CEF, India needs USD10.1tn in investments for net-zero emissions by 2070.
      potential disruption

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